XYYX Records signs artist Ethereal UK

Announcing Ethereal UK

XYYX Records is thrilled to announce the signing of Ethereal UK!!

When we first launched XYYX Records, we did not know what might await us in the realm of musical possibilities. We were thrilled to happen across the music of Yui (Ethereal UK) Karlberg! We admitted our meager beginnings (and budget) but were SO excited by her music and the beauty of her voice and writing we continued a conversation about how we might be able to help get her music out to a wider audience.

Ethereal UK (we attached UK to differentiate from a rapper and metal band that use that name) is the work of Swedish born Thai transgender solo artist Waritsara ‘Yui’ Karlberg. The stage name itself exudes the kind of music — rich acoustic pieces combined with a ‘haunting ambient head voice’ — strongly influenced by the likes of Anthony & The Johnsons/Anohni, London Grammar and Portishead.

She has been in many bands, performed solo and has been writing songs since the age of 15. Her lyrics raise our awareness about certain aspects such as depression, anxiety, Asperger’s Syndrome and her own experiences of what it’s like being a transgender woman.

Audiences are captivated by the gorgeous, deeply personal songs, supported  by her multi-instrumental skills, combining violin, a dulcimer type instrument called an anuntar, or a Thai traditional guitar called a pin, beautifully rounded out by her head voice.


Yui (Ethereal’s nickname), says about the song: “Anxiety carries both positive AND negative attributes. At whatever extent we have it, it can either protect or save us from uncomfortable or even endangering experiences that have not happened yet but on the other hand, interfere with our daily lives perhaps by over analyzing past experiences and because of those experiences, we may struggle to live in the present or a present situation such as when we want to enjoy natural surroundings.

This is what ‘Restless Mind’ is about”

The complete album, is heartrending and at times evokes a deeply personal emotional state that teeters on the edge of sadness overlooking hope. We think you’ll be transported by her delicate instrumentation and transcendent vocal style and find this collection of songs to be intimate, satisfying and infinitely re-playable. The release date for the album is September 14, 2018.

“Restless Mind” is the first single from her debut solo album due out September 15 on XYYX Records. The video was shot by Unwelcome Human and the teaser trailer can be viewed here. Please let us know if you’re interested in an exclusive premiere of the video or song.

Have an ETHEREAL day!