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“Always In My Heart (New Orleans Is My Home)”

“Where Is Safe” – Lenny Zenith (about growing up trans – all proceeds go to trans organizations)

“Restless Mind” – trans artist Ethereal UK

Lenny Zenith releases first Latin song “Adelante”

Always Near Me – sultry jazz ballad

EDM single about being in quarantine – “Hardly Wait”

This was produced by Eduardo Dinis Productions in the UK

Lenny Zenith and Pop Combo release first album! BLUE VELVET TRACES

After many years, the band reunites to record and release ten songs! Fan favorites from days gone by.
Recorded by Tom Stern in New Orleans (Blue Velvet Studio) and produced by James Pertusi (Whelping Box), the record features many of New Orleans’ finest musicians as well as Austin guitarist Andrew Solin and NYC sac player Jeff Hudgins. It’s available at all major outlets and Bandcamp.

Lenny Zenith’s new single “I’m Awake”

This single came out TODAY 7/31, and is available on all major outlets. It was written and performed by Lenny Zenith w/ background vocals by Justin Mathews and Aaron. It was produced by Justin Mathews in NYC. It deals with the experiences of parasomnia, sleep paralysis and false awakenings.

THE REVOLVER – Debut single “Lost In Space” feat. Lenny Zenith

This single came out on 3/25 in all outlets./p>

LITTLE QUEENIE inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame


A huge benefit to help with Ms. Harris’ hospice expenses took place this Saturday, Feb. 23rd at Chickie Wah Wah in New Orleans. Preceeding the show, Leigh was inducted intot the Louisiana Music Halle of Fame.

Performers will include Susan Cowsill, Debbie Davis, Paul Sanchez, Papa Mali, Jimmy Robinson, Spencer Bohren, Paul Clement, Lenny Zenith and several others.

NEW RELEASE – by Little Queenie – PURPLE HEART 12/7/2018

Through an act of divine providence, XYYX is fortunate enough to be able to release (in conjunction with Deeva Records) Purple Heart by legendary New Orleans artist Little Queenie (aka Leigh Harris! Get your pre-orders in now (limited quantities available)!

Ethereal UK – full-length release!

A STUNNING collection of beautiful haunting songs by Ethereal UK (Yui Karlberg) about anxiety, depression, and dealing with life’s many joys and challenges. Available in on outlets today! Stream below, then please purchase!


The video for the third single “Black Mist” (sung in Thai)


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James Pertusi

James has over 20 years of performing, recording and production experience.

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Lenny Zenith

Lenny has been a performer and songwriter for decades, starting in New Orleans where he fronted several bands. He worked in the music industry in NYC doing sync and copyright licensing and also previously ran a small label, Puddle Records.

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