Ethereal UK singles get great reviews!

Ethereal UK will be releasing three singles ahead of the album premiere on 09/15/2018 The first one “Restless Mind” has already been getting some well-deserved attention.

B-Sides & Badlands said – “British singer-songwriter Ethereal UK (real name Waritsara ‘Yui’ Karlberg) engages in this evergreen conversation with her new single, “Restless Mind,” her first release on XYYX Records, founded by Lenny Zenith and James Pertusi ⎯⎯ the track is a rather ambient and wounded performance, brimming with her goosebump-inducing head voice.” – More 

York Calling, the influential British music blog said – “This mix of cultures has allowed for Ethereal UK to draw an amalgamation of different influences into their work, making for something that is very different to the normal, boring singer-songwriter stuff that has become so common. Haunting vocals are overlayed by an acoustic guitar, showing that sometimes subtlety is best, and it’s a very intriguing piece.” – More