Raising awareness of gender inequality

“Luck just kissed you Hello!”

Photo of Lenny Zenith
Photo: Eva Mueller


With the release of this cover version (by Lenny Zenith and licensed from Bowie’s estate), we are trying to raise awareness of gender inequality and discrimination. We will be raising money for trans organizations including Trans Lifeline, TPOCC (Trans People of Color). It will be released exactly 40 years after the release of the original — April 27th, 2019

Released April 27, 1979 David Bowie’s “Boys Keep Swinging” was released as a single from the album Lodger. He loved playing with gender, and identity and was open about his sexuality.
He is clearly taking on the notion of male privilege without a wink or a nod (while in parts of the video he is in drag) long before it was being acknowledged. It might  “… underscore his discomfort with gender inequality. It appears likely that, in ‘Boys Keep Swinging’, Bowie wished to poke fun at locker room machismo rather than laud it.” – Bowie Bible (bowiebible.com)

In 2000, The Thin White Duke said about the song — “I do not feel that there is anything remotely glorious about being either male or female. I was merely playing on the idea of the colonization of gender.”

ALL FUNDS RAISED WILL GO TO TRANS LIFELINE AND TPOCC (trans people of color coalition)

Watch the original David Bowie video: